IT’S ABOUT TO GET HOT ON 3/2/2023 !!

“Feel the heat with my new song “Hotter Than Fire” and get ready to move your backside!

Yo! I’m thrilled to tell you that my new single, “Hotter Than Fire,” is coming out soon. This hot new song is the perfect anthem for anyone who wants to add some energy to their party playlists.

“Hotter Than Fire” will make you feel good and move your backside. It has that heavy 808 I know you love, a dope vibe and a sample of the legendary George Clinton on the chorus. I’ve been working on this song for almost a year, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Mark your calendars and click the pre-save link here, because “Hotter Than Fire” is coming out MARCH 3,2023. Don’t miss this new single, and make sure to follow me (YOITSKEV253 on all social media sites to get updates).

Hotter Than Fire” is coming soon, and it will be hotter than ever. Ready to feel the heat?”

HELLO 2022!!

Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone! While I am still slightly recovering from major surgery I had in 2021, I have hit a bit of writer’s block and needless to say I HATE IT! Thankfully it’s starting to look up and I’m ready to get back to writing! I’ve also spent time with my son in the studio and he’s a dope beat maker, I cannot wait for him to release something!

LET’S GO 2022!


MY NEW ALBUM IS AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS! I promise you this album was worth the wait! Click the link here to be taken immediately to the album! This track list and features that were procured for this album are too dope! I hope you all enjoy “40”!!!


  1. 40
  2. PNW
  4. STATUS (ft. Dirtay)
  6. SUNRISE (ft. JBreed The Rebel)
  8. KEV
  9. SIZE 14’S
  10. FLYLO (ft. Eric Biddines)
  11. THROWBACK 95 (ft. Cory Tate x SRN x Littoral x MMS x Q Dot)
  13. BOOTY

KEV’s brand new album, 40, is the soundtrack to summer in the PNW.

Tacoma, WA – Kev’s album 40 releases on July 15, 20201 as a celebration of turning 40, features some of the PNW’s best talent. On ‘Throwback 95’ Q Dot comes out of retirement, webetheteam, Corey Tate, Littoral and MMS join forces for a PNW power anthem. As with turning 40, the album showcases the maturity in KEV’s craft. In ‘Code Switchin’ listeners learn more about KEV’s growing up and can feel the impact it has as he embraces life at 40.

The PNW, has been KEV’s life long home and it’s artists have inspired much of KEV’s music. With 40 KEV throws his hat in the ring catapulting his album from influenced to influencer. This album has something for everyone from turn up to chill and anthems that will be the soundtrack of summer.

Kev has been popular on the local music circuit touring throughout the PNW. Drawing from his years opening for local and national acts, KEV has put his experience to good use and is ready to take the performance aspect of his craft to new heights. With live music coming back after Covid closures fans will be eager to experience 40 live.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Kev at or visit


Having accomplished my goal of releasing 27 singles that ran the distance of every aspect of Hip/Hop and R&B in 2020 to the release of my first full R&B album in March of 2021, I have set a new goal! With my 40th birthday in sight, I am hard at work in the studio putting the final touches on my 15th studio project. This project will be produced/mixed and mastered 100% by me under the moniker 4THENOVELTY. The project aptly titled “40”, will will have features from: Littoral, MMS, WEBETHETEAM, JBreed The Rebel, Dirtay, Cory.Tate, Eric Biddines and the incomparable Q Dot. “40” is slated for release on my birthday, July 15, 2021 ! Keep your ears out! 

Good Morning All!

I know I’ve been inconsistent with my posting and for that I apologize! There’s been a lot going on with me in 2021. Not only been working on music, I also had a major surgery a month ago today and I have been recovering. I am really looking forward to completing my upcoming album “40”, which will be released July 15, 2021 on my 40th birthday this year! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my music the last 12 years, you all mean so much to me and I cannot wait for you to hear this album! I look forward to linking up with my guy Zac Lauer and filming some visuals for you as well!

Have a good Saturday!


Yesterday I released my very first R&B album and it is available to stream EVERYWHERE. I was very nervous to release this as there are a lot of people who have always told me that I didn’t have what it takes to make one. However, I am of the mind that people who have never attempted to follow their passions and only have something negative to say, don’t get to tell me what I can and cannot do! Please take 19 minutes and enjoy this vibe I’ve created for your ears.

For immediate release, New KEV album dropping March 23, 2021

​Washington State Music artist Kev will release something unexpected, his first R&B album titled Soju Sessions. Kev’s musical world can come across as a bottle. In other words, each person’s interpretation will be different, which is what he is going for. So, even though this is his 1st R&B album release, it is again another bottle for folks to drink from. Kev states that Soju Sessions was inspired by a weekend he and his wife had that was full of soju, the colorless distilled alcoholic beverage of Korean origin. “It’s something familiar but you can taste the difference with all of its flavors,” said Kev.

Soju Sessions is available for Spotify Pre-Save:

Soju Sessions is available for Pre-Order Via Kev’s Bandcamp Page and get 1 track TODAY!


For everyone who has something going on they feel they can’t talk about. Something they don’t think anyone will understand. This is for those who have lost loved ones who were taken by their illnesses and are no longer here. This is for the 22 a day who have taken their lives after living in silence with their pain.Please check on your loved ones, a simple “I just want you to know I love you,” can save a life.Thank you to my little brother Devon for being a part of this video. This is dedicated to you and those like you who have lost brothers and sisters. This is dedicated to everyone who feels they don’t have a choice, you do, your loved ones are here for you to talk to.

I love ya