Songwriter Royalties don’t cut it.

You ever read a headline that makes you sick to your stomach? This one did that to me. This is why indie artists constantly post and ask for their friends (who realistically should be chomping at the bit to celebrate the achievements of their artist friends) to repost, purchase and share their art. I’m just putting it out there.

#Repost @skyzoothewriter with @repostapp
Maaaan, every time I get asked about advice on the music biz, I talk about streaming as being a real problem. To all the fans out there who don’t know the biz, and rightfully so, THIS is the truth behind streaming. Fuck streaming. Hit itunes or Amazon and purchase your fave artist’s music. #Repost @grooveworksent with @repostapp
I’ve talked about this many times. And for clarity, my statement isn’t an unappreciative one… but streaming our music – us, your friends – is as supportive as hearing it as you’re walking through a store. Don’t get me wrong, these platforms have presented our material to the masses in an unprecedented way… I’m just saying don’t mistake your internet spin for true support (read: PURCHASE). It’s just not.
43 million spins. $2,700. And that’s with royalty bonuses, at least it is for us BMI guys. Do the math. You’ll see four 0s before you see a different number after the decimal point.
THAT’S why your support (read: purchase) is so important ESPECIALLY to the small, indie folk… it’s why we have to post/repost relentlessly and try anything to gain your attention. Absolutely why we have to hustle the way we do. Just so you know…




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