Full Circle…

Yesterday I had one of the most rewarding studio sessions I have ever had. I posted about it on my FB Fan Page where I said;

“When you have the person who pushed you to start making music, the person who has molded your sound and person you’re helping make their way into music in the same room. This is a feeling that I cannot describe. Music is life!” 


I truly feel this way, it’s as if everything I have done musically in the past 8 years is coming full circle. In 2009 my guy Smooth gave me an outlet for my frustration and my feelings. He put me in front of a microphone, hit the space bar on the keyboard and it began. After 3 years of trying to figure out where I wanted to take this music I met Carl Roe. Carl helped me develop a sound and mold my into a better artist, It wasn’t about being a super dope lyrical rapper, it was about creating songs that would invoke a visual in ones mind and relate with people on a different level. Now here we are in 2017 and I put my guy Jawsh in front of the microphone and Carl hit the space bar. His verse that he laid for my upcoming project was dope and is so unique in it’s own way, just like Jawsh. Smooth went in the booth and gave me gold in his verse and participation on the track I brought him in for. I’m highly excited to see what the future holds, not only for me but for the 4 of us who were in that room yesterday.


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