Spokane, Are You Ready?

I mean for real, the last time I played Spokane was in 2012 and it was a horribly dope experience. I played at a small venue with a small stage and I won’t name the venue as it’s embarrassing but I was chillen with some of the dopest cats. That’s neither here nor there but look, here’s why I am excited. My good friend Markus has booked me, my guy SRN and DJ JustJordan to perform at the 4th Annual INW Summer Chive Blowout. We will be hitting the stage at the Red Room in downtown Spokane. We will be raising money and taking donations for SPOKANIMAL (http://www.spokanimal.org/) animal shelter. Here’s the other great thing, ITS ONLY $5 at the door!  I hope to see you all there!!!




See you there!


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