You’re starting a new album? Yes that is correct, I am currently recording my next album “ARTMUSIC VOL 2.” and will be releasing it this summer. I’m back in the studio again with my guy @carlroe and will have the homies @iamqdot @produktive , @disrnible_me , @opredeim , @squarebizzmusic and more on on my album as well.


Stay tuned, video’s and singles coming soon….


Oh why yes I digs this!

The very first song I heard from the guy Eric Biddines @ericbiddines ! The moment I heard the song I said to myself¬† “I need to get him on a song with me.” I eventually did and had him on my song “Patience” from my album #ARTMUSIC that I released in October 2017. Take a moment and listen to this track, Eric is hella talented and no doubt a voice to pay attention to!






I swear this song is…


I usually don’t write about other music on my page but dammit I’m about to start! I love music too much not to. I’m not a music blogger, just an artist who loves the art!

I was thoroughly vibin’ to “Come Correct” by Seattle emcee Gifted Gab (@Gifted_Gab)¬†and Bay area emcee Blimes Brixton (). Look, as someone who makes music out here in the #PNW I haven’t been to as many shows as I should have in the past few years, nor have I really had my ear to what’s in our region. I’ve been hella focused on my art, but i digress.

This track felt right to me, it felt like something I could ride to and that’s exactly what I did this last weekend when I had my cousin in the car with me. I played it for him and he was super about it, the kicker, he’s only 18 but has a deep admiration for hip hop.

I’m not going to get all analytical and break down the rhyme schemes and the word play. What I will say is that I enjoyed listening to these women on this track. It felt authentic and that I appreciate more than anything. Hella people on Twitter have been referring to them as “Run the Pearls”, honestly I dig that. Keep moving forward ladies!!

I now await the next one.

Click the link and take a listen, you might just dig it!




Yo! It’s so crazy to think…

That back in October I released my 7th studio project with ARTMUSIC. I couldn’t be happier with the feedback and love I’ve received. I am super excited to announce that I am working on my 8th, 9th, and 10th studio projects all at the same time! Be on the look out for the next 3 volumes of ARTMUSIC coming real soon!




New Journey’s Ahead!

I am excited to see where this music takes me from here. I have a lot of goals that I would like to accomplish, I want to have songs in movies and TV. I have started producing and hope to provide artists with a backdrop for their stories. I’m just too excited about this, I love that I have so much support as well. My wife is amazing and so supportive (even if I am up until 2am working on something). I know in the long run I will have success, it’s not a race, its a marathon.


2017 is…….

Coming to a close fast and I can’t believe it. I have accomplished a lot this year and I’m excited about that. There is a lot of planning that will go into 2018 for sure.

A few items on my list include;

  • Traveling out of state for a few shows in the spring. (Ahem @Iamqdot)
  • Song placements in a movie or Television show.
  • Releasing my 9th studio album.

This year I also started on my journey as a producer, I feel like I am finding a rhythm with this. I’m excited for the future of it and that my cousin has allowed me the opportunity to produce her EP next year.

So many great things to come!