New Journey’s Ahead!

I am excited to see where this music takes me from here. I have a lot of goals that I would like to accomplish, I want to have songs in movies and TV. I have started producing and hope to provide artists with a backdrop for their stories. I’m just too excited about this, I love that I have so much support as well. My wife is amazing and so supportive (even if I am up until 2am working on something). I know in the long run I will have success, it’s not a race, its a marathon.


2017 is…….

Coming to a close fast and I can’t believe it. I have accomplished a lot this year and I’m excited about that. There is a lot of planning that will go into 2018 for sure.

A few items on my list include;

  • Traveling out of state for a few shows in the spring. (Ahem @Iamqdot)
  • Song placements in a movie or Television show.
  • Releasing my 9th studio album.

This year I also started on my journey as a producer, I feel like I am finding a rhythm with this. I’m excited for the future of it and that my cousin has allowed me the opportunity to produce her EP next year.

So many great things to come!



Available on all digital platforms!!!

Get out there and find it, I know you can!

For those of you who want to support the art and purchase the album you still can at or those of you who want to listen to 30 seconds then move on to the next song instead, can find it streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

I’m just a guy bro. If you get a moment, peep my new project 

I hope you enjoy ARTMUSIC!



Mad love to you all


The Next Event Will Be…

OCTOBER 21, 2017 LIVE at the Airport Tavern in Tacoma WA! 

We will be celebrating the release of my album “ARTMUSIC”. 

I am super excited for this night! Come join my guys DJ Just Jordan, Q Dot,  and Kay Miyagi as we perform for you all! thank you to Danno of Danno Presents for allowing us to hold out event in such an intimate space, to create an amazing evening for everyone.

Proceeds from ticket sales, merchandise pre-orders/sales and silent auction held this night will go to the Washington State Combined Fund Drive for wildfire relief here in Washington State.

To learn more about the fund please visit;

Tickets go on sale September 13th via the KEV Merchandise store!


I hope to see you all there!



I have been working for over a year on this music. Let me make this the official notice. I am releasing my new album “ARTMUSIC” this October. I am extremely excited for this album to be released, there are so many people to thank for this album coming together; Carl Roe, SRN, Syam, Jawsh, Smooth, Produktive, YlanaRae, Phinisey, Eric Biddines, Eddy Castillo, Chris Kemp. So many dope people worked on this project with me, I am truly blessed.

Now having said all that, with this album I wanted to do something dope and different. The universe really fucks with me and I have been very blessed this past 4 years. I want to give back and the best way I know to do that is through my art.

Below you will find the link to my online march store. Proceeds from the purchase of all merchandise for “ARTMUSIC” will go to the Washington State Combined Fund Drive for wildfire relief here in Washington State.

To learn more about the fund please visit;

Tickets go on sale September 13th via the KEV Merchandise store!

Pre-orders for all merchandise will run from September 1,2017 until October 1, 2017* Shirts will begin shipping the week of October 15, 2017.




I am excited for you all to hear it!



Stop Complaining…

I don’t understand why no one has any patience (see what I did there). I see so many artist complaining and it gets tiring. You don’t like how something is going, oh well.

Check your ego.

I have one thought on the whole thing…




Let life breathe…


Spokane, Are You Ready?

I mean for real, the last time I played Spokane was in 2012 and it was a horribly dope experience. I played at a small venue with a small stage and I won’t name the venue as it’s embarrassing but I was chillen with some of the dopest cats. That’s neither here nor there but look, here’s why I am excited. My good friend Markus has booked me, my guy SRN and DJ JustJordan to perform at the 4th Annual INW Summer Chive Blowout. We will be hitting the stage at the Red Room in downtown Spokane. We will be raising money and taking donations for SPOKANIMAL ( animal shelter. Here’s the other great thing, ITS ONLY $5 at the door!  I hope to see you all there!!!




See you there!


Here it is…

I told you, just a little Patience goes a long way. Here it is, the 1st single from my upcoming album “ArtMusic” featuring Eric Biddines and Phinisey…


Take your time..enjoy!


Coming Soon….

I’m super excited right now, I wish you could truly understand! On Saturday July 15, 2017 I will be releasing the first single from my 7th project. I am extremely happy to have two of my favorite artists on this track, Eric Biddines and Phinisey.  I really can’t wait for you to all hear it. It will be releasing on SoundCloud first, BUT I will be posting the link here so you can stream it.  Remember in the grand scheme of things it takes a little…

Patience 8 FINAL (1).jpg

Yeah buddy, this is going to be a good one!